My cancer-fighting green smoothie

IMG_20141126_140831Here is a smoothie that I have each day, a few times a day actually. I should mention that this smoothie, along with anything from my cancer-fighting diet is not only for those that have cancer, but also as a preventative tool, or just simply if you want a little health boost in your life.  I will share more on my cancer-fighting diet in the posts to come, so stay tuned!

– an apple*
– 1 or 2 celery stalks*
– about 1/2 a cup to 1 cup of kale*, or spinach*, or both!
– the juice of half a lemon
– an inch of fresh ginger
– some filtered water or ice, depending on the consistency that you like.

1. Combine all of the above ingredients in a high-powered blender (I use my lovely Vitamix) or juicer, and voila! There you have it, a cancer-fighting green smoothie. Enjoy 🙂

*Just to note, for all cancer patients following this or anything from my cancer-fighting diet, please ensure all of the fruits and vegetables used are organic. I will provide a list of the dirty dozen in another post. This is essential if you will be consuming a vast amount of vegetables and fruits, either in juices\smoothies, or raw, as non-organic fruits and vegetables contain a lot of pesticides and would be toxic to a cancer patient in such high quantities.

– Also, note that you can feel free to add a plant-based protein powder or wheatgrass powder for an extra boost. And, any leafy greens like swiss chard or dandelion, etc. can be substitued in the smoothie as well. Hope you enjoy it!


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