The fight of my life

So, a stage four cancer diagnosis is usually a death sentence, or is it? Essentially, stage four means that the cancer has spread (metastisized) to distant locations, including the organs. For me, I have had cancer 5 times prior to this metastasis to my lungs, but the previous diagnoses have always been localized and therefore much easier to treat. I always had stage one cancers. I never imagined I would be faced  with a stage four cancer. Metastisis was a dreadful word, a mere distant thought in my mind, until alas, last February I heard those fearful words I thought I would never hear…your cancer has metastisized into your lungs. Holy shit! (Pardon, my language.) This was a game-changer for sure.

Not only is the osteosarcoma a highly aggressive tumor, but now I was faced with the added issue of the cancer spreading to the lungs, which unfortunately makes it incurable. In these cases, traditional chemotherapy and radiation do not always work and can actually wreak more havoc than good on your immune system. Also, surgery on the lungs (which I have had one already) is no walk in the park either, especially if there are tumors on both lungs, which is the case for me. Naturally, I needed to do something for myself that would give me some control back because the thing about cancer, in general, is that it takes away our control, but only if we let it. I sure as hell won’t. This post is just the beginning of my stage four cancer journey. The best is yet to come!


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