What’s up, Doc?…

bugs bunny So, “Mildred” the metastasis, the daughter of “Oscar” the osteosarcoma (yes, that’s right, I named my cancers…don’t you?) has decided that she would like to keep growing instead of going into remission and giving it a rest.  Well, what Mildred hasn’t considered is that I plan on being even more resilient than she is.

Naturally when my oncologist gave me the news that the pulmonary metastases are still growing, albeit slowly, but growing nonetheless, I was saddened, annoyed, and frustrated.  At that point, I had the choice of going home and abandoning my diet and lifestyle change and instead eating whatever I wanted and enjoying whatever time I had left (something which the medical community seems to advocate).  However, being me, I decided to opt for something different.  I chose to instead embark on an even stricter diet regime and lifestyle change!  Although I am still sticking to an organic, mainly raw and whole foods diet, I have introduced a lot of juicing into the mix, particularly carrot juice.  The reason for this is because I plan to be around for a long time and as such, I figure I need to try to help my body heal itself. Therefore, I have to pump my body with a huge amount of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and supplements that have anti-cancer properties and healing effects. I don’t want to just enjoy “what little time I have left”, I want to live!

I read about the anti-cancer properties in carrots, as well as testimonials of individuals who consumed a large amount of carrot juice to help heal their cancer.  Now, although I don’t like to put my faith in “Dr. Google”, as I do not want to be a victim of an internet that preys on cancer patients when they are at their most vulnerable, I did some independent research for my own peace of mind and decided to give it a try.  Afterall, it’s carrots we are talking about, so even if they don’t help, they surely cannot hurt.  I realize that carrot juice contains a high amount of sugar and sugar feeds cancer unfortunately, but I am hoping that the powerful anti-cancer compounds and nutrients in carrots, such as Falcarinol, alpha carotene, beta-carotene (which is converted into Vitamin A), and a number of other vitamins and minerals, will outweigh the sugar concern.  Perhaps the sugar in the carrots will attract the cancer cells and while “feeding” them will also deliver the potent anti-cancer nutrients straight to the cancer cells. Only time will tell.  I will update you guys on how the carrot juicing is working out.  I am aiming to have five pounds of organic carrot juice for about 8-10 weeks to see if there is any change in my lung metastases. If there is a beneficial impact after the 8-10 weeks, then I will continue with the carrot juice. Yup, five pounds! In addition, I will also be juicing greens and other veggies too, along with an organic diet consisting of mainly raw and whole foods.

Given the large amount of juicing, this is where my “Champion Juicer” comes in.  I decided to go for a commercial juicer that is used for serious juicing (which is what I plan on doing).  So far, I am loving my juicer!  The juice tastes so fresh – it’s an instant burst of flavour and very nutrient-dense.  The only thing is I may turn a little orange from all the carrots, a natural suntan is what I like to refer to it as. As long as I don’t turn into Bugs Bunny, I think we are good….but then again, Easter is just around the corner 🙂


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