Daddy’s Little Girl

Given that Father’s Day weekend is this weekend, I thought it would be more than appropriate to dedicate a post to my awesome daddy.

Where do I even begin? Well, let’s start with the fact that my father is the best dad in the world. I may be a bit biased, but it’s true.

Beginning with being in the hospital room the night I was born, to being at virtually all of my doctor’s appointments over a 30 year span, to walking me down the aisle this past September, my dad has always been right by my side.

Five cancer diagnoses (six if you count my metastases) can produce not only a crap load of appointments (over a two month span a while back, I had a record 30 health related appointments), but also a crap load of fear, anxiety, and anger. My dad is the type of person that internalizes his emotions. He often doesn’t like to talk about distressing subjects and he has a hard time expressing his inner feelings. However, his demeanor says it all. Over the last 30 years my dad has been super stressed about my health and that of my brother.

Despite being overly anxious, stressed, and fearful, my dad has always been there for my family through every step of the way. Although I always tease him about his lack of patience (you should see him pace back and forth in hospitals, it will honestly make you dizzy), I must give him absolute credit because it takes an exuberant amount of patience to deal with an ill child over the course of 30 years. This is something no parent should have to endure. However, notwithstanding how difficult this must have been for him, my dad has accompanied me to almost all of my doctor’s appointments over the years, even now! What a princess I am, right? Although he looks like he is having a coronary at every appointment, his presence is very reassuring and comforting to me.

From the time I was born, I have always been such a daddy’s little girl. I stole my dad’s heart from the moment he first held me, and when I became ill at the age of 3, he has made it his life’s mission to protect me against this terrifying disease. And Dad, I can assure you that you are doing a hell of an amazing job!

I worry about my dad all of the time. He has always had a very troubling time coming to grips with my cancer, and I can assure you that this has dramatically increased since my metastatic diagnosis. He wants to save my life at all costs, and I cannot fathom thinking about what it would do to him if this doesn’t happen. It would ultimately destroy my dad. So I am going to make sure to put up a hell of a good fight. Don’t you worry, dad.

I’ve been pretty damn good at cancer ass-kicking over the past 30 years, so why stop now, right?

I wish that my parents did not have to go through so much. Sometimes life strikes me as so unfair. In the sense that some people are bombarded with obstacles and lead such turbulent lives, whiles others are in complete la-la-land and have no idea what a serious situation looks like even if it hit them in the head. There are people out there that actually create problems where there are none. This boggles my mind. And I realize that many people have their own cross to bear, but I kinda feel like ours is getting too friggin heavy. Come on, throw us a bone or something!

Despite countless challenges, my family seems to be getting through them all. And I am very fortunate to have such an amazing and supportive family. I’m also very grateful for having a wonderful second family – Garrett’s family. They are incredibly loving and always willing to help out in any way they can. And I have to say that my father-in-law is very similar to my own dad in many ways. They both fancy italian food, lemon meringue pie, Sons of Anarchy, and their families. Love you both 🙂

My dad can attribute his awesomeness (yes, that’s a word) to the amazing role model in his life – his father. My nonno (that’s grandfather in Italian, in case you are wondering) was a truly incredible man. I was so blessed to have been able to spend so much time with my nonno over the years, and he spoiled me rotten, of course. He was wise, witty, and genuinely good-hearted. My dad walks in his dad’s footsteps and he resembles him more and more as the years go by.

The dedication, support, love, and patience that my dad has provided cannot be adequately acknowledged with this blog post. It would take me an entire lifetime to truly thank my dad. And given the whole metastatic cancer thing, I don’t want to necessarily have to start considering what my lifetime is going to look like. So, for now, the best I can do is simply say THANK YOU dad for being there for me and being my hero, as well as being the greatest father in the world.

I love you so very much, and just like I said in my wedding speech, I will always be daddy’s little girl.

Love you, Dad!

Love you, Dad!

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all of the wonderful fathers out there!

Love, health, and fantastic fathers!


7 thoughts on “Daddy’s Little Girl

  1. You are amazing Sabrina. Your dad is lucky and so are you to have each other. I hope and pray for many more years. Take care and keep in touch. Lana


  2. Ah Frank…..a good man ..but so that we are clear… dad was the best dad in the world…….he is a close 2nd……….love you all…and miss you tremendously………enjoy Sunday…..un abbraccio e tanti tanti bacioni……


  3. I have always admired and respected both your parents. You truly are blessed to have them as your role models. Truly “pillars of the earth”!


    • Thank you, Lina for your thoughtful words. I agree that my parents are truly “pillars of the earth” – one of a kind :).They admire and have wonderful things to say about you and your family as well 🙂


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