Cancer Diary Series

Hello Loyal Readers,

Hope you are all fantabulous!

I have been suffering from a nasty cold, you know the kind where just when you think you are on the road to good health, WHAM, the next day you feel worse. Yes, one of those! However, having a miserable cold means that I am alive, so that’s pretty cool in and of itself.

You know you have metastatic cancer when having the influenza virus becomes cool.  

Anyway, given this is a cancer blog, you know I am not writing today to share my battle with the common cold. It’s just a cold people, that’s it. Actually, part of me thinks having this cold is forcing my immune system to kick it up a notch. I am weird, what can I say?

I am going to keep this blog short, which is very unusual for me. I tend to be rather wordy. The reason for this update is to let you guys know that Princess Margaret Cancer Centre has released a four part series on my cancer journey. It’s a diary of a five-time cancer survivor. It includes four YouTube videos, as well as a written segment that will be featured each week on the UHN (University Health Network) site starting with Part 1 released today and concluding with Part 4 on the last Thursday in November. However, all four videos will be on YouTube for your viewing pleasure, in case you are addicted and just can’t get enough.

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre will be releasing this series on various social media platforms as well. The Mayor of Toronto, Mr. John Tory, mentioned me on his Twitter account today. I know, right! 

I’m not so sure I would cut it as an actress, but that’s okay because I wouldn’t be playing myself on the big screen anyway. I’m still thinking Natalie Portman will play me and Chris Hemsworth would make an awesome Garrett.

Hope you guys and gals enjoy the series, and feel free to pass it on to help raise much needed awareness.

Here is the you tube link for the video in part one, as well as the link to the UHN written segment in part one.

Love, health, and YouTube!

xoxo Sabrina


13 thoughts on “Cancer Diary Series

  1. what a great video; very inspirational and genuine. I am sorry you and your family went thru these difficult times, but I am sure your story is an inspiration and hope for many. thank you for sharing and best wishes


  2. Hi Sabrina. I just watched your videos and I am so inspired by your positive attitude and your efforts to raise awareness, especially for children and youth who face challenges similar to those you experienced. Thank you so for sharing your story. Warmest regards, Laurie


    • Hi Laurie! Oh, thank you so much for watching the videos. Glad you enjoyed them 🙂 Children and young adults face very unique challenges and issues during their cancer journeys, and they need a voice. I hope to help give them that voice. Thank you again for your support. All the best to you! Xoxo Sabrina

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  3. Hi Sabrina,

    I was missing you today 💗. Thanks for letting me know about the new release of your story on UHN site and YouTube, you are awesome, an inspiration for me, full of life and optimism and also witty and funny…Wishing you speedy recovery from that nasty cold and please come next Thursday at Keith’s meditation class, I can’t wait to give you some positive energy and a big hug💖.



    • Hi Ilena,
      Thanks for the kind words and support. I missed coming to Keith’s class today. Definitely hoping to make it next week 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you, and for my hug! Xoxo Sabrina


  4. Sabrina I can’t think of anyone else but you to play you in the movie. Your beauty inside and out could never be replicated. Your positive attitude, kindness and strength is something all of us should emulate each and every day of our lives. You offer so much to all of us just by being you and you continue to give even when you are feeling down. Love always Sharon


  5. Sabrina
    Your story touched my soul and my aching heart. My wife has a few similarities to yourself. Your strength is inspiring and I have fed off it, helping me find the strength I need to keep going.


    • Hi John,
      Thank you very much for your sincere words. My heart goes out to you and your wife. May you find the strength, courage, and inspiration to go on. We are all in this together! Xo Sabrina


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