Trying to make the best of it

Remember those times when you are getting ready for a big event and you are super excited, with butterflies in your stomach, and you just can’t sleep the night before? Well anticipating whole brain radiation is sorta like this only not in a good way. 

Tomorrow is my first treatment. 

Typically whole brain radiation treatment is done over the course of five days, but they are going to do it over 10 days for me, as smaller doses over a longer period helps to minimize adverse effects. I think I bugged them so much with all my questions that they were like “alright woman, we’ll do it over 10 days, just leave us alone already.”

Usual side effects during radiation are headaches, nausea (which I detest), fatigue,  brain swelling which will cause me to say or do weird things, and appetite changes. And then there are side effects post radiation as well. Not to mention the steroid side effects, which if all goes peachy, I might not have to be on any according to my radiation oncologist.

Now leading up to this big event, I went in on Friday for my planning CT scan as well as my mask. Yup, I get a mask out of the whole thing. Yay me!

The mask process is quite weird as they start off with this sheet of material with lots of holes in it so you can breathe when they smother it over your face and the water in it makes pliable. So then they contour your face to it while it hardens. Then they remove it and cut out two holes for your eyes and put it back on for proper fitting. The girl said to think of it as getting a facial. Perhaps if I were Jason or Freddy Krueger then it might be a really good facial. I’ve had better. Although the two girls making the mask were super nice and very friendly. Made the process easier. When I am all done, the mask is mine to keep. Was thinking it might be good to have a “trash the mask day” or perhaps it might be good as a Halloween costume. Always thinking ahead.

Here I am with my funky Jason mask . 

Additionally due to the fact that radiation is super toxic and nasty, all of my hair will be falling out as well. Cancer is the gift that just keeps on giving.

So I went wig shopping! 

I tried on a few just to have fun with the whole thing. Not so sure how fun it will be when my hair begins to fall out in clumps, but I will manage.

I love my hair. When it’s clean it’s shiny, soft and nice. But I have to say some of these wigs felt better than my own locks. I was going to go funky with a new colour, but I might be wearing this thing for a while, so I opted for a more natural look. But I get to highlight, cut and style it still. So I won’t be revealing my new look just yet. In the meantime you can check these out so you can have a good laugh at my expense. 


image image image image

Like I said, we just have to make the best of it. The more I psych myself up for this, the better it will be for me and hopefully the effectiveness of the treatment. I just need this to work.

I will let everyone know how the first session goes.

Health, love, and wigs.



17 thoughts on “Trying to make the best of it

  1. What an inspiration you are!! I have been reading your blog and am now hooked on it. Hope all goes well for you. And yes you do have beautiful hair but it’s only hair after all. I believe your true beauty lies on the inside. Looking forward to reading more.


  2. You look abaolutely amazing in every
    wig! Your beauty shines through!
    My love and prayers are with you!!
    If you get really nauseated there are
    things to help!! Love your MIL and FIL


  3. Dear Sabrina. Will be thinking of you tomorrow. God bless to you and your family. Love ,Grace in Uxbridge P>S>.I will soon be planting Swiss Chard and Kale for you


  4. You truly have an indomitable spirit! I’m sure that that is what has gotten you through so much adversity. You will all definitely be in my thoughts and prayers.


  5. The homeopathic remedy Cadmium Sulph. 30CH mitigates the negative effects of both radiation and chemotherapy, if taken 2 or 3 times prior to each treatment and following each treatment.2 granules dissolved under the tongue taken away from food,coffee,etc..


  6. Sabrina, I will be thinking of you tomorrow and you are in my thoughts lifted up to the universe every night. My husband also went through this so I am very familiar with the mask. It is kind of a weird thing but it serves its purpose in holding your head very still. Deep calm thoughts and breathing tomorrow while undergoing treatment. My husband’s hair did fall out but he decided to buzz it all off before it happened. My favourite of your wigs is #2 and #5, but you know what? You are beautiful in all of them and I’m sure you would even look beautiful with no hair. Famous models have done it! Keep with it warrior woman, laughing spirit, gorgeous girl. There are many riding this path with you.


  7. Thank you for sharing this part of your journey amazing woman! I am learning so much through you. Each of the wigs present a lovely look but i think of you more as the incredibly beautiful, generous, brilliant, courageous, and life-loving spirit that you are!
    I will continue to offer prayers and send best wishes for the best outcomes for you throughout the treatment period and following it. Love and hugs.


  8. Hello Sabrina, I am a friend of Margaret’s and I have never meet you. In reading some of your blogs, I wanted to let you know that even though I do not know you I praise you for your strength and courage. You are inspirational! I wish you all the best. Domenica (Mimma) Perricone.


  9. Brave Woman, I will be sending you all my love. I love you as a strawberry blond, brings out your essence, sweet! Bless you, Sabrina. Love Rose Perri


  10. Thank you so much for sharing. You write about difficult things and horrible symptoms, side effects and processes with such an honest and positive tone. Wishing you best of luck with the treatment. Oh and all the wigs look fab! Have a different one for each mood 🙂


  11. The most gorgeous model at the Holt Renfrew event and still the most beautiful young woman I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing! Wishing you every good wish under the sun! Helen N.


  12. We vote for the short red wig, not that you were asking. I hope you’re doing well, all Wellspringers are sending you good vibes……….Jim


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