My Romantic Weekend In Emergency

So for our second anniversary, Garrett and I planned a trip away for the weekend. Instead, we ended up spending the weekend in emergency. Very romantic. I was tied up to bags of IVs and could barely move, people were screaming and shouting in the hallways and someone would show up to poke me for blood every so often. Yes, very romantic indeed.  

How did this craziness come about, you might ask? Well I had a fever the night before of 40.1 and apparently when I went to the clinic Friday morning for my usual treatments, my pulse was too high so the girls suggested I go to my family doctor. I quickly was able to see my family doctor who was also frightened by my pulse. He suggested I go to emergency. There I was thinking, okay people but we really have to speed things up here because I have to get ready to go away tonight. Have some last minute things to throw into my suitcase. I was in for quite the shocker.

I gave up on the weekend when I was admitted to the hospital that day. They set me up on their stretcher bed which was crazy uncomfortable to sleep in. But who am I kidding, who can sleep in emergency anyway without narcotics and being knocked out. I spent two nights in emergency before I was transferred to another floor. I ended up spending ten days in the hospital.

They ran all sorts of tests to determine where the fever and high pulse were coming from. They even shoved something way up my nose to ensure I didn’t have the flu. No flu for me. Seems pretty barbaric though. What was bewildering was that my hemoglobin which had dropped to 76 ended up further dropping to 42 overnight. This is where they figured I was bleeding internally somewhere. But I really didn’t have any symptoms of bleeding or so I thought. When I went to the bathroom my stool was black. And I mean black like tar. For those that are squeamish, sorry. It was one of the most disturbing things I have seen. Anyway, at that point they were considering a gastrointestinal bleed. 

One test I absolutely detest is the endoscopy. Well lucky for me I ended up having 4 of these in 5 days. Apparently the doctor said that was a record for him. He had never scoped the same person 4 times in 5 days. Leave it to me to set the record. They found a blood clot with something at the back of it. The reason to keep shoving this tube down my throat was to determine what was hiding behind the blood clot. Finally, on the fourth time it was determined to be a 4cm polyp hiding out. They thankfully were able to remove the polyp. Just waiting for the results now. The team was great, I must say. Aside from the final scope, they kept me very comfortable. I was essentially knocked out for the first three scopes. I handled the conscious sedation very well. Oh and I also had a colonoscopy while we were at it, go big or go home, right?  My colon was okay. They removed a polyp which was benign. 

The biggest issue with all the scopes was I couldn’t eat. I was on fluids for practically a week. I was starving. When I finally could eat, my throat was killing. Honestly the hospital food was looking very appetizing by that point. And when Garrett bought me a Tim Horton’s croissant, I was in heaven. Although we didn’t enjoy a weekend away, my wonderful mom made cannelloni and brought them to the hospital so Garrett and I could enjoy. 

Now just when I thought things were settled and the issue was dealt with, we had to deal with the issue of why I was so swollen. Umm perhaps the 4 litres of fluid pumped into me the first day of emergency. I looked like the Goodyear blimp. I thought the floor was thumping when I walked.  Seriously. So this was obviously major fluid retention. However it didn’t quite explain why my left arm and freshly manicured hand were so much larger than my right. Well, to keep things interesting, I ended up with a blood clot in my vein due to a bad IV in that arm. They kept it in too long. Now I am on blood thinners to try to correct the issue. I will be seeing the Thrombosis clinic shortly to determine the anti-coagulant management. What a mess! 

I am just super happy to be home. I thought the longer I remained in hospital, the more they would find issues that needed to be analyzed. I needed to get out of there and just let my body heal. Not to mention sleep for a bit. And to think it all started with a fever.

But for the record, once I am better, that romantic weekend away will happen.

Health, love and emergency rooms.



MRIs and Cupcakes

Helloooo Blog!

Usually I have been writing about a particular topic. Instead, today I feel like writing about my weekend. It wasn’t overly eventful or anything, but it was a good weekend nonetheless. Any time my entire weekend doesn’t revolve around cancer or feeling awful, I figure life is good.

This weekend I had an MRI for my boobies. Nothing is going on with my boobies (at least not to my knowledge). However, given my insane and extensive medical history, I have a lot of MRIs of different body parts to make sure there’s no cancer hanging out. You name the body part, and I’m sure I’ve had a test done there. I really wish I could just have one full-body MRI and that’s it. Most people wish to be famous or win the lottery, I’m wishing for a full-body MRI, there is something definitely wrong with this picture. I also wish I didn’t have cancer. But don’t get me wrong, being famous and winning the lottery are pretty sweet too.

I have an annual breast MRI every October, but most recently they saw a “shadow” (I have no idea what that means) and wanted the test repeated within 6 months…..hence my Sunday MRI. I could think of about a million better things I would rather be doing on a Sunday (sleeping, going for brunch, lounging about in my pjs, not going to the hospital, did I mention sleeping? etc, etc.) However, as long as the results are good, who cares, right? I will just suck it up, like I’ve sucked up the rest of this ordeal. This doesn’t make me a sucker, does it?

Here I am looking exceptionally fashionable in my mammoth hospital gown.

Walking down the hospital runway

Walking down the hospital runway

I realize that being a fashionista is not a top priority at hospitals nor is there room in their budget for this sort of thing. But these ginormous gowns have got to go! Or perhaps they could have a range of sizes and colours. Or maybe black, it’s slimming and looks good on everyone. Red would be awesome too. Vera Wang, if you are reading my blog right now, PLEASE HELP!!! I typically love the colour blue, but this hospital hue of blue really does nothing for the complexion. And I would even settle for a gown that doesn’t leave you completely exposed. No one needs to see my bits and pieces; it’s really not necessary. Luckily the nice receptionist girl handed me two gowns to wear in order to minimize the “I’m walking around with my butt hanging out look“, and to keep me a little warmer. What’s with the arctic air that blows on you during an MRI, right? It was freezing in there!

Then I was given a contrast dye for the MRI (it helps to get a clearer picture), and thankfully the nurse got the vein on the first try! Thank you, nice nurse lady. I really appreciate you not poking at my veins a gazillion times, or leaving a huge nasty bruise on my arm, or worse yet, missing the vein completely (and you feel like the little girl in the Exorcist..“it burns, it burns”). This is an awful feeling.

I have been given so much contrast dye over the last little while that I think my body is getting a little peeved. Usually, it has no effect on me whatsoever, but yesterday, for some reason I felt a little nauseated after my test. It could have been the awkward position that you are placed in when you undergo a breast MRI, although the machines have improved over the years and are much more comfortable. At least now there is some padding on the bar you are lying face down on that is placed in-between your boobs. This used to kill before (it would literally hurt your lungs to breathe), now it didn’t bother me at all. Either the test has improved, or my tolerance for pain and annoying situations has skyrocketed. I’m guessing that it’s probably a bit of both.

Fortunately my weekend did not consist only of hospital visits. I also was able to do something on Saturday afternoon that I thoroughly enjoy. I baked cupcakes! Baking (as is blogging) is very therapeutic for me. Well, except for the times when things go horribly wrong and I become “bakezilla.” Not a pretty sight.

I made yummy chocolate cupcakes. These are not part of my healthy living lifestyle, so I didn’t eat any of them. But I was told that they were delicious. Here’s a peak at them…

Can you guess what this is supposed to be?

Can you guess what this is supposed to be?


Hopefully you guessed “owl”. I made these cute looking owl cupcakes for my sister-in-law’s owl-themed baby shower. They were a huge hit! The shower was lovely and everything turned out wonderful.

Perhaps I will have to take a stab at a healthy version of these cupcakes one day. If I do, I will be sure to let you all know.

When you are feeling good, it’s okay that your weekend consists of MRIs and cupcakes. You must take it all in stride. Just try not to make a habit of the MRIs 😉

Love, health, and cute-looking cupcakes!